Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Great Day

I did have a great day today, and I'm getting ready to settle in for the evening, make a small bowl of quinoa for dinner and read for awhile on the back deck (with kitty company). Hubby won't be home for a few hours yet, after his meeting, and I am guessing I'll be in bed already. The TV won't come on until 9:00 when I will watch one show, then lights out, or I'll read until I get sleepy. I have a post I am working on for tomorrow, but I'm not sure if I want to do it or not, because I don't want my friends in blogland to see me in a wrong light. It may reveal more personal info than I want it to. Anyhow, I will sleep on it.

Last night we booked our flight to go to Florida next month. I've already called our wonderful pet sitter Jane, who adores Romeo and said she wants to take him home with her. The cats are fine when we go out of town for just a weekend, but we will be leaving on a Thursday afternoon and won't be home until the following Tuesday night. I just feel more comfortable having Jane check in on them, mainly to do a head count and see that everyone has stayed out of trouble.
I leave her the treat tin, tuna cans, and the special bowls the kids use for said tuna- just the sound of me taking them out of the cabinet has the whole herd running for the kitchen. Of course, even with a pet sitter, I still worry about the kitties whenever we are gone away.

I am looking forward to the visit, we only get to go to Florida once, occasionally twice a year. And although my folks come to visit us a few times a year, I do like to go home and see the town, the beach, and my sister and her family. A lot of my hometown changes over the seasons, but a lot of it stays the same. Many of the places I used to go to or hang out at as a kid are still there, and a lot have disappeared due to progress. My mom and I have one store that we shop at every time I go down there, we will go out on my dad's boat for an afternoon, and we will have a fantastic dinner here. I started going here back in the 70's when it first opened, and I continued to go there throughout high school and beyond. And now, whenever I go back home I must, I repeat I must eat there. I am a pizza connoisseur, and I've never been able to find pizza as go
od as the ones there. That is always a to-hell-with-the-diet moment for me, I am pigging out on the mushroom and sausage pizza so thick with toppings you have to eat it with a knife and fork!

So I am counting the days until we leave. Besides laundry and a few other fun chores, the only other exciting thing I did today was spend a few hours in the studio. I installed a few more shelves (that my husband made) in my cabinets, hung a few pieces of artwork, and also got the curtain rod and curtains up in the room. The curtains were in my little art room back at the old house, and I decided I was not going to leave them for the next owners since I liked them so much. They were just cheapies from Lowe's, but I love the colors- I am an earthtone girl.

Anyhow, hope everyone has a great evening, I will be back on again tomorrow.

(photo of my afternoon project- who says girls can't use power tools??)


  1. Where do you go in Florida?? I'm off to Sanibel in October!

  2. Oh yeah - I have people come in to check on my "babies" while we are gone too! Just a head count, and looking for mischief!

  3. Great blog you have here. Furbabies - the best kind of babies! I have two Jack Russel dogs five anf five and a half and an oldcat of 18 who is on her last legs - literally! It's her last summer but she is happy and still eats us out of house and home.

    Enjoy your break in Florida.

  4. Home in Florida is Bradenton, which is on the Gulf coast, below the Tampa area and above Sarasota. My folks don't live ON the beach, but it's close enough to ride your bike there. On humid days, you can actually "smell" the beach air when you step out their front door.

    Sanibel Island is such a beautiful place, James and I spent an afternoon down there last year when we went to see the folks.


    Our Hairy is around 17, but other than arthritis, she is in wonderful health and very active- she chases her tail, she runs around the house with all the other cats, she can still jump up fairly high and takes stairs quite easily, and when she is on the top level of the kitty condo she will fight any younger challenger who wants to take her place!