Monday, May 4, 2009


I did not post my weigh in from my last Weight Watchers meeting because I had a gain of a pound. I expected it, because I knew I hadn't taken off the Vegas vacation weight yet. But that is no excuse. My weight loss efforts slide backwards every single weekend when we go out to eat, as it did yet again this last weekend. We spent both Saturday and Sunday in nearby Douglasville, shopping for Mother's Day gifts and miscellaneous other errands. Saturday was dinner out, and Sunday was lunch out. I did not make wise choices at either meal, and to boot, my mood was so low both days that I ordered Coke, something I try to avoid at all costs because that is one of my major downfalls and addictions. My back pain has been unusually high the last few days, and I am a typical woman that when I feel bad, I eat all the wrong things for comfort. Hence the Coke and the Mexican food, and then the southern diner this weekend. I can eat all the yogurt and fiber cereal and salads I want all week long, but come the weekend, just one or two meals can undo everything I've accomplished throughout the week. At least my weigh ins are on Friday, if that gives me any consolation at all. This seems like a sorry Monday for whiny posts, and maybe it is just the gloom and rain of the last four days getting to me. So the photo I am using for this post is inspiration for me, it's of Cape Hatteras on our first visit there in 2005. This would be before I hurt my back, and before the weight gain got out of hand. Yes it was challenging for the old thighs, but James and I climbed to the top. No way I could do that today, but it is something I will be able to do again one day. I am not going to post again today, because I am too busy having yet another pity party for myself.


  1. I totally know what you mean about the weekends. During the week, I seem to be pre-occupied with work and things, but the weekends mean more free time and a sense of relaxation. Mentally for me that equals I can do and eat what I want. Not a great way to go, but at least I have 5 out of 7 days that are "good."

  2. Absolutely. During the week, with my husband working such long days, nothing goes on for us but a late, light dinner and a bit of TV before bedtime. On the weekends we have very unstructured days and a lot of time together. Going out to eat just seems to always happen- we never say, hey, let's eat a big healthy salad before we go off for the day. We talk about it, but never do it. Besides, despite my food choices (and my whining about it), I do have fun and enjoy being out with my hubby.

  3. It's not easy to be good on weekends. I totally understand how frustrating it is. I have trouble with my weight and want to start a diet, but it's hard to get motivated. I will have to just do it. Thanks for the encouragement to not give up.