Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Well I have waited long enough, and now I finally have flowers blooming in my garden!! It seems like it took forever, and I've been enviously looking at all the yards in the neighborhood thinking, "Where are my flowers!" When we moved into this house, there was very little in the way of landscaping, since it was new construction. The builders put in a few small shrubs along the sidewalk and front of the house. That was pretty much it. So in March I planted about 300 bulbs- gladiolas, lilies, dahlias, canna, calla, etc. The greenery on all of the bulbs have been up for awhile now, but no blooms. This week the first of the flowers appeared, and I was over the moon! I had to take a few photos to share with family, so decided to post them here as well. I've enjoyed looking at all the flowers on other blogs, so I'm glad I finally have some to show off on mine! Now that it's warmed up, I'll be planting a few perennials in the front garden, annuals in the planters on the front porch, and veggies like tomatoes and peppers in the backyard. I do NOT have a green thumb whatsoever, but I enjoy the outcome of all the work involved. (photos of my lilies)

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  1. Beautiful lilies - the color is so rich! Happy gardening, Sandy!