Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Green Fields

Well, Greenfield Way is the street we live on, and it's just as pretty as the name implies. I've talked a lot about our new house, but I've never really shared why we bought it. First of all, it was a great deal, the builder only had a couple of houses left unsold in the neighborhood and he wanted to get rid of them and move on. We got this house for an absolute steal- to be honest, in the housing market of two years ago, we could not have afforded this house at the original asking price. The main reason we bought this particular house is because it was brand new, and it has a full basement. Mind you, it's 100% unfinished, but my husband and I both have always wanted a basement home.

James has dreamed of having a rec room with a pool table, where he can display all his football and NASCAR memorabilia. We hope to start on finishing it sometime next year, maybe late summer or in the fall. Almost every day I am down there either looking for something or digging through boxes, but mostly right now it's a giant playroom for the cats. James and I have grand visions for the finished product, but budget will dictate how much of our "dream design" ends up in the final plan. We realize it won't be cheap, but we also know that it is an investment and will only add value to the house- one day when the market has picked up. When we finish, we plan to add two bedrooms, a bathroom, small kitchen, a pantry, wine cellar, James' rec room, and probably a small library/craft area for me.

The basement is almost 2500 square feet, the same size and layout as the first floor of the house, so we have plenty of room to work with. Most people will be wondering what in the hell two people need so much square footage for. Truth be told, James and I have a lot of junk. When we started dating, both of us owned our own homes, fully furnished. When we got married, we crammed it all together. And we are both packrats. We do donate many times a year to Goodwill, and that will never change, but we still have managed to accumulate a lot of crap over the years.

Anyhow, these are photos of the basement as it appears for the moment, maybe by the time we start work on it, I will still have a blog to post updated photos on. Now, if only we can swing the loan for it!!


  1. Oh my gosh, this is making me both tired and excited. Excited about all the possibilies but tired thinking of all the labor. Good luck with your plans - I'm sure it'll be beautiful!

  2. I'm sure it is going to stay just a "plan" for a long while...............