Saturday, May 30, 2009

More Deals

Hello all, no whining from me today I promise. Today looks to be much better, the monthly blues are subsiding. I spent my pity party in bed yesterday, snuggled in with the kitties and popcorn and mindlessly watching hours of WeTV- which included lots of old 48 Hours episodes, and getting teary-eyed over Mystic Pizza (wow, 1988!!- wasn't Vincent D'Onofrio such a fox back then- okay, he still is, just a more mature, silver-haired fox, but still luscious).

After a few days in the 70's, today's weather is bright and in the low 80's. James and I are getting ready to leave for awhile, to run a few household errands. We're also headed over to a new subdivision in a nearby town. I spoke about getting deals at auctions and outlet stores, but another place for you to find great deals on home furnishings is model home sales, which is where we're headed. We signed up on an email list with our developer, and now every time they sell off the furnishings out of model homes in their subdivisions, we get an email letting us know. We've been to a few already, and wow did I see some beautiful dining room sets and leather living room furniture. We are keeping an eye out for a hutch or buffet for our informal dining room, something we can use to display items as well as store kitchenware. We have a big blank white wall, and what better way to fill it than with a piece of furniture we bought for a rock bottom price! You know, other than the little bit of furniture my hubby bought when he moved to his apartment, I don't think we've ever paid full retail price for anything in our home!! One day I will go around and take photos and post where we got everything for so cheap!

I don't know about the area where you live, but stop by the office of the model home in a newer subdivision, and sign up. Most developers do lots and lots of subdivisions, I know ours has subdivisions in several states, including all over Georgia. As the neighborhoods get finished and the houses sold up, the model homes/offices close- as it did in our neighborhood. Our developer is selling off the model furniture in all of their offices as they close. It's worth checking out. Even if we don't buy anything, which we usually don't, it's still a fun drive with the husband and an afternoon spent together. That is priceless for me!!

Everyone have a great Saturday!!

(photo of my last "model home" bargain- the painting had the original store price tag on the back for $80- I got it for ten bucks!!)


  1. Great seascape! Love that picture. Great frame, too! And it was a steal!!

  2. Yeah, we just got back awhile ago, I picked up three more pieces of art. Didn't get the $10 deal, but pretty close!

  3. Sounds like a fun day! I love the picture of General below - his little white paws make me think of a kitty wearing a sweater with the sleeves pulled all the way down to his knuckles. :) So cute. Hope you're feeling better!