Thursday, May 7, 2009

Weekly Weight Debate

Tomorrow is my weekly weigh in at Weight Watchers, and for a change I expect to have a good day at the scale. James and I are on week two of eating whole foods and learning to live without processed snacks and frozen dinners in the house. Okay, I know eating out on the weekends sort of blows that commitment out of the water. But not having Skinny Cows or Easy Mac & Cheese easily accessible at home is a great start for us. Instead of grabbing a 100-calorie pack of cookies, I am learning to instead grab a yogurt or an orange. Last night's dinner was roasted vegetables, tofu, and quinoa. Okay, I probably won't do the tofu again, but the veggies and grains were great. We are trying to have meatless dinners as often as possible, and I am trying to learn to plan a meal around something besides a piece of chicken or a burger. While I am trying to watch my fat intake, I also have to count carbs for James' high blood sugar.

The only downfall for me has been the lack of exercise for the last two weeks. My back problems have kept me from getting on the treadmill lately, and you will see my ticker hasn't moved in quite awhile. I am not sure now if I can reach my goal of 900 miles by the end of the year, but I am still striving for it. The doctor at the new pain clinic has upped my medication and started me on a second one, so we will see how it goes. So far so good. I have another MRI scheduled tomorrow afternoon so he can see exactly where the damage is to the disks, and recommend treatment for it. I am hoping to get back on the treadmill sometime next week. I know in the long run it can only help with my back pain. (photo of my walking shoes, who miss me)

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