Monday, May 18, 2009

Get Going

I won't be in blog world too long today, now that the hubby is off to work, I'm headed upstairs to start sorting through a lifetime of craft and art supplies and getting them into the new cabinets. Once that's done, I am afraid my husband will expect me to start churning out new masterpieces for my Etsy shop, ha ha. I admit, once I started doing pottery, my old friends painting and sewing sort of took a back seat. And don't ask me the last time I finished a scrapbooking project?! Back in the 80's I did a lot of woodwork painting, but I'm not sure that is something I will take back up again- the demand for painted little wooden cow and pig cutouts seems to have faded (thankfully). And until I either decide to buy my own kiln or find a studio that I don't have to drive into Atlanta for, the pottery is on indefinite hold, which makes me sad. So, painting it is. Last year I stocked up on canvas from my favorite online store, so I am good to go. I don't know if I want to start painting ACEO's again, or something else. Seriously folks, I do not take myself to be an artist of any type, but I have fun, and it keeps me off the streets and out of trouble (I am talking about shopping!). And for some reason, there are crazy people out there who buy my stuff on Etsy or eBay. (Lisa, I am not talking about you, I love that silly cat pottery piece you have of mine.)

The weather here this week is perfect for rolling up my sleeves and getting to work. After a rainy weekend, we are having a cold front. 60's right now, 70's later on in the week. Last night we got down into the 40's, and expect the same for the next two nights. I have all the windows in the house open for the cats to hear the birds and get some fresh air blowing through their whiskers. It's 63 in the house right now, and after I finish this mug of coffee, I am signing off for the day and will be getting to work. Thanks to all my new followers, including my dad! (photo of me yesterday, cleaned up for lunch out with the hubby- you won't see me looking like this too often!)


  1. Have a great day upstairs out of the cold! You lucky person it will be rainy, humid and hot here all week. Mom comes home tonight thank goodness. Off to VCity Hall to see what problems the week end left me.....

  2. Tell Mom I hope she had a great visit in LA, call me later. You better get some cooler weather for our visit in June!

  3. Sandy, I have one of your lovely tiles too! ;)
    I get very tired of ACEOs and wonder if they have run their course. I put just as much energy and time into a smaller piece as I do a larger piece and sometimes it just nicer to have a larger space to work on. I know you know what I mean. Just create and be happy - that's what it's all about. Can't wait to see what you come up with. Oh - a word to the wise - stay away from glitter - I find it highly addicting (although my cats all twinkle now which is an interesting effect). Enjoy your day!

  4. Too bad about the pottery/tile work being on hold. I like the pieces I saw!! Are you having a problem finding a kiln to fit your needs, or are they terribly expensive? I remember the Rec Center my father used to manage had one... as does my daughters school.

    Enjoy your day organizing your renovated space. I find that if I can't actually be creating something, organizing my stuff is the next best thing!!

  5. As for the kiln-- when I was making pottery back in South Carolina, I was using someone else's kiln. Now that we've moved, I don't have anywhere to fire my pieces. A kiln is sort of expensive, depending on the size, but I think my husband would buy me one if I really turned on the charm....

  6. You look so cute and I love your hair!

    I love shopping at Etsy and can't wait to see what you put in your shop (I looked at "items sold" and LOVE your tile!)