Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wow, I Got Tagged!

Wow, I got tagged by my dear friend Lisa Nelson, whose own blog inspired me to start my own. So I have to list six things that make me happy, and tag six other bloggers- which will be hard because I am new to this and don't have many "friends" in blog world to tag. But I will pick six whose blogs I read very regularly.

Here are my six happies, and I bet this is no surprise to any of you who read my blog:

1. James
2. Hairy
3. Spider
4. Romeo
5. Maarten
6. General

Good thing I only have one husband and five cats!! (photo of my boys- the furry ones)


Here is the next part, these are the folks I am tagging because I love their blogs and they are inspirational to me in different ways during my adventures in life.

1. Jared at 12 Million Steps, because this was the first weight loss blog I started reading and his challenge was just so awesome, I couldn't help but be addicted.

2. Donni at Living the Spiral, because her spirit and heart are grand, she teaches me with every one of her posts.

3. Annette at Annette's Awakening, because she is funny, full of joy, inspiring, and her photos are fantastic and I always look forward to them.

4. Shelley at Forty-Something, because hey, I'm forty something too. Seriously, her blog is SO funny and she is just a genuine, adorable person and I love her blog.

5. Suzanne at Italian Girl in Georgia, because I am too, and her blog is full of great photos and wonderful colors, and it brightens my mood even on a dark rainy morning like today.

6. Tisha at A Blob Blog, because she and I are so alike we could be long lost sisters, and I would love to have a best friend like that in the real world.

There you have it, please check out these great blogs, they each are very unique but I love them all equally!


  1. Hi, I just found you and your kitties. Love them. Are they all black? I can't believe that you have them trained to stay on the deck (except Romeo)! Love the stories and am waiting to see your new studio so I am going to follow you! doris

  2. Four are solid black, one is the tux you see with just a little white, so we just say we have five black cats. The boys are Romeo, Maarten, and General (the tux). The girls are Hairy and Spider, hence the name I sell my art/pottery under. I love them all to eternity and beyond, but Spider is my sweetest heart. Saw your blog, your artwork is lovely!!!

  3. Hi Sandy,

    Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog and for the tag! Hope you have a good weekend!